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My approach » I believe in the value, cost-efficiency and proven results of value-driven micro-consulting engagements on technology strategy and digital marketing topics you want to dive deep on and achieve unbiased clarity, alignment and decision-making. Tap into the experience of over 20 years in the digital industry working with the world's leading digital brands and get true actionable advice and insight at the fraction of the cost of a typical lengthy consulting company project or manual research efforts.
The process » You schedule a free exploratory call → to learn about each other, potentially agree on an initial light-weight, output-driven, short-term project and let the results and generated value do the talking.
Common consulting topics
"What platform should I consider to do X?"
"How do I enable and operationalize digital capability Y?"
"What do I need to do technology-wise to achive business outcome Z?"
"How do I unlock my business through technology and digital?"
"Should I build, lease or buy capability?"
"Can you be my interim CIO/CIO on hire?"
"How do I grow my Engineering leadership and bandwidth?"
"How do I become product-led and increase time-to-value?"
"How do I best connect and govern my martech stack?"
"How do I control my IT spend (TBM etc)?"
"Can you help me hire my next CIO/CTO?"
Platform Expertise Sample
»   Customer Data Platforms
»   eCommerce platforms
»   Agile Headless CMS systems
»   Marketing clouds
»   Observability Tools
»   Customer Journey Orchestration Engines
»   Adobe Marketing Cloud
»   Salesforce Cloud
»   Marketing Automation
»   Backend as a Service
Who is Thomas Prommer?
Thomas Prommer (Bio, LinkedIn) is a global Engineering-rooted digital technology leader and CIO/CTO with 20+ years of experience in planning, building and running best-in-class, highly scalable, omni-channel marketing and eCommerce platforms, in partnership with world-class engineering, product, strategy, creative, user experience, data science and analytics teams.

As a technology executive on the agency and consulting side, he has partnered with progressive clients across industries such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Nike, McDonalds, Toyota, Verizon, T-Mobile, Fox, EA, Bain Capital, Porsche, Hulu, Thermo Fischer, Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean, UCSF, Hugo Boss and Lufthansa as well as nimble D2C and start-up companies. Thomas has also held in-house C-level executive roles for companies such as Adidas, Sweetgreen, and Bain Capital. As an early web entrepreneur since his teenager years he has built, grown and commercialized digital properties that have a reach of over 10M visitors a month globally until today.

Throughout his career Thomas has led and transformed of over thousand people in staff organized in outcome-driven, KPI-focused, high-performing, distributed interdisciplinary product teams with a leadership style that fosters fairness, transparency, inclusion, diversity and constant knowledge development. His near and off-shore scale and team building and management experience includes Central and South America (Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama), East Europe (Romania, Serbia, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia), and Asia (India, China and Vietnam).

Thomas Prommer is a continuous learner and has an academic footing with a joint MSc Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon, UMass Amherst, and KIT, executive business education from MIT in Innovation & Strategy, a 2-year data science program from Harvard Extension school and a business analytics certification from Wharton.

Thomas Prommer is a thought leader in the digital platform strategy and marketing technology space and has been an ongoing contributor to publications such as eMarketer, Digiday, Magenta, a sought-after technology expert with expert networks such as Guidepoint, Alphasights and Third Bridge as well as a member of advisory board with industry leaders such as Adobe, Acquia, Sitecore, Salesforce and the alike.
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Digital transformation consultancy clients
LinkedIn Endorsements
Andriy Nikitiuk
SEO Team Lead
May 6, 2019, Thomas was a client of Andriy's
"Thomas is one of the solid engineering managers I have worked with. Thomas has the rare combination of skills/talent that one looks for in engineering leadership � attention to detail and also drive for innovation. Overall it was a pleasure working with Thomas and would love to have the opportunity to work together again"
Stefan Feissli
VP of Engineering at Simon Wallet
April 16, 2019, Thomas worked with Stefan in the same group
"I had the pleasure of working with Thomas during my five years at Huge. Thomas is a seasoned technologist and executive that knows how to drive business value through technology and data. As the Managing Director, Technology and President, Platform Strategy he was key to the success of the technology organization globally and was well respected as a leader amongst his peers and teams. He won some of the largest engagements at Huge and was an invaluable advisor to executives from companies such a..."
Matt Sikora
Sales Engineer at Toptal with experience in Product Design & Creation, Marketing & Brewing!
February 28, 2019, Thomas was a client of Matt’s
"Thomas and his team at Moment have been a pleasure to work with. In my line of work, our client's ability to communicate their needs and detailed requirements are fundamental in building a successful ongoing relationship. Thomas is a proven CTO that knows what it takes to recruit and manage strong IT teams that get things done. Our developers love working with him. It all starts with having a passion for what you do and it shows. My team feels the same passion about their project and we are here..."
Preeti Patel
I manage and grow technology strategy, delivery, and innovation across R/GA New York�s client roster.
December 14, 2018, Thomas was senior to Preeti but didn’t manage directly
"Thomas is a brilliant technologist and an excellent marketer. He is both knowledgeable, passionate and innovative. His methodology and approach to leading enterprise-level solutions delivery and architecture is second to none. Thomas was my mentor and taught me innovative thinking in helping brands build solid foundations and push the boundaries along with delivery excellence, technical approach and team management. He is also a champion for partnerships, and collaboration and has provided guida..."
Karen W. Lam
building disruptive & seamless end-to-end experiences
September 19, 2018, Karen W. worked with Thomas in different groups
"Thomas, as Huge's MD of Technology (Global) and later President, Platform Strategy (Global), oversaw the technology strategy of all our global offices. Thomas’ support and insight into how the agency and our Singapore office should grow our tech capabilities was absolutely vital. Boutique size offices like mine, which may not have its own technology department, rely on the network for support. In parallel, as the office grows, we rely on Thomas’ expertise to help identify the best way to stand-u..."
Shane Abrahamovich
Head of Digital Product at Who Gives a Crap
June 4, 2018, Thomas was senior to Shane but didn’t manage directly
"Thomas is one of the most exceptional technologists and leaders I've worked with. Through the time we worked together, he was always a trusted partner when attempting to determine the right solution; whether it was for a product we were building, a client we were working with, a team member, or the office at large. Thomas always works at full scale - he has all of the details at his grasp along with highly strategic thinking. It was how he was able to transform a technology department, continual..."
Joe Wykes
SVP Sales & Channels, Acquia
May 23, 2018, Joe worked with Thomas but at different companies
"I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Thomas for the last four years. He has time and again shown tremendous leadership as digital business leader and advisor to our program. Thomas is one of the most intelligent, passionate technologists I have met. And all the while he demonstrates his integrity and thoughtfulness. Thomas continue to make an enormous impact in the market and I trust that we will continue to have opportunities to work together."
Matt Ryan
Director of Engineering at sweetgreen
January 20, 2018, Thomas was senior to Matt but didn’t manage directly
"The first time I met Thomas was during a final interview. I didn't really know anything about him. I was unfamiliar with his career history, his client roster, his aspirations for his department, and had no clue how I might fit in under his leadership. I can distinctly recall how I felt after the interview was over. I was not overwhelmed with a sensation of pride for having done well. I didn't feel nervous about the things I said. I was just excited. Excited for the future in whatever form that ..."
Loic Lamb
Product Manager
January 18, 2018, Thomas was senior to Loïc but didn’t manage directly
"Arguably one of the hardest parts about me leaving Huge was knowing I would no longer be able to work with Thomas on a daily basis. Everyone who has ever worked with Thomas will tell you the same thing, he’s the definition of a leader. Watching Thomas’ professionalism over the last five years left me with a set of standards that has set me up for success post Huge. As our department head, Thomas was fair, and always gave people opportunities to grow in their career. He was the first manager I ev..."
Harish Menon
AEM Consultant at BankMobile
January 16, 2018, Harish reported directly to Thomas
"In my IT career spanning over 20 years, rarely have I across someone like Thomas with an extremely rare combination of leadership, technical prowess, and personal skills as a single package. It was a delight working with Thomas during my multiple stints at HUGE. Working in challenging environments and meeting difficult client expectations was a breeze under his leadership. I can say this with confidence that there will be no project that will not be delivered in time with the utmost quality an..."
Ryan Ashby
Alliance and Partnerships Specialist | Digital Experience Advisor | Sustainability Advocate
July 29, 2015, Ryan worked with Thomas but at different companies
"I have had the esteemed pleasure of working with Thomas Prommer during his very celebrated career at HUGE inc. Thomas exemplifies the meaning of professional, and it has been an absolute pleasure watching his rise to leadership within the technology-leading agency. Thomas has always approached engagements with humility, but without sacrificing accountability and expectations for partners, peers, and clients. Thomas excelled at managing partner relationships and unselfishly strived to generate..."
Mladen Bolic
Senior Software Engineer at Engage Technology Partners Ltd
November 6, 2014, Mladen reported directly to Thomas
"I worked with Thomas on an large enterprise project on which Thomas was the team lead. The combination of his background as a developer, combined with great management skills helped him produce great project flow and a non-stressful environment, thus making it easy to deliver the product on time. It was amazing that he was involved in a project with such a high level of detail, always making the right decisions at the right time.He always tried to motivate the team, in order for them to give the..."
Diane Capoyianes
Creative Operations @ Apple
October 2, 2014, Thomas was senior to Diane but didn’t manage directly
"It's impossible to convey the value that Thomas brings to any situation in one short review. You simply have to experience it. He is an entire project team wrapped into one man and he can truly be anything that you need him to be. He has the patience of a department lead, the strategic vision of an business executive, the impeccable knowledge of a technology vp and yet is still very approachable at every level. I know that Thomas is one of those people who will go far in everything he does, so i..."
Brock Boddie
General Manager at Work & Co
April 30, 2013, Thomas worked with Brock in the same group
"If there's one thing you can take away from this recommendation, it is that Thomas is among the best all-around problem-solvers you will ever meet. To start, Thomas is organized. From the way he runs meetings, to organizing a team, to planning a project, there is an easily intelligible reason for it all that helps everyone that works with him understand both what he expects and what he will deliver. He's also incredibly solutions oriented, level-headed and focused. He's never about hierarchy ..."
David Williams
Principal Architect at Verizon Media
September 17, 2012, Thomas worked with David in the same group
"Thomas is an exceptionally well rounded technology architect and manager. Besides being a talented and pragmatic architect he is also one of the most effective client facing technologists that I have ever worked with, so much so that his ability to build strong relationships with demanding clients has often seen him put in the position of representing the company as a whole rather than just the technology side of an engagement. As a development manager he is highly detail orientated and on top o..."
Johnny Michaelsen
Digital Program Manager/Director (Freelance) at Michaelsen Ltd
August 8, 2011, Thomas was senior to Johnny but didn’t manage directly
"Thomas has extensive knowledge in the digital field and is a great team player and a invaluable asset to any company."
Daniel Howard
Cleantech entrepreneur and energy researcher, PhD
June 6, 2011, Daniel worked with Thomas but at different companies
"Thomas has an extraordinary ability to handle the technical and business components of innovative and complex projects. His technical skills combined with a professional approach and acute social awareness ensure that projects are technically designed according to best practices as well as effectively executed on the business side. After working with Thomas on many aspects of a project for a Fortune 50 company, ranging from IT architecture deployment and automation to contract negotiation to cr..."
Jonas Eliasson
Freelance Software Engineer
November 10, 2010, Thomas worked with Jonas in the same group
"I had the opportunity to work with Thomas on several projects during his time at F-I. Thomas have proven a unique talent to balance an in-dept technical understanding as well as he is driving the business goals of a project. This makes him a great leader and he has several times impressed me with innovative and simple solutions for complicated technical challenges. His strong business understanding makes him a diverse and powerful technologist and an rock star asset in any team or situation."
Christian Freese
Director at Uber | Regional General Manager, JUMP EMEA
November 6, 2010, Christian and Thomas were students together
"Background: Thomas was a close study colleague of mine at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and we have been closely connected since then. During all these years years, Thomas proved to be an extremely bright person, he paid great attention to details but never neglected the big picture. More importantly - Thomas is a great and fun person to be around. I have only positive things to say about him and I believe that he will be an important asset to any company."
Lauren Hallam
Vice President, Employee and Community Engagement at Fox Corporation
November 2, 2010, Thomas worked with Lauren in the same group
"I came to rely on Thomas heavily as a mentor, friend, and source of immense knowledge, while working with him at FI. He is the rare type of employee, who can add value to any project he touches, whether it is an internal project such as implementing a new HR system, launching a client portal or enhancing a product such as Kontain. He possesses a keen sense of people that allows him to quickly determine how to personally connect and win their confidence . This skill is was invaluable while at Fi,..."
Joakim Ortbrant
Architect at Epiceros AB
November 2, 2010, Joakim managed Thomas directly
"Thomas combines superb technical skills with amazing people relations. His ability to take a top-view approach on problems and system designs in combination with his expertise was the foundation of many amazing and successful projects during our time at FI."
Ben Knight
Manager of Network Services at Advanced Infusion Solutions
November 1, 2010, Ben reported directly to Thomas
"Thomas is great to work for. He is great at communicating the needs of the project and really knows how to lead the team to the intended goal. He was always familiar with the whole of the project and was always on top of every aspect of the development process. Thomas's knowledge of technology is top notch and was always a great resource to have around to bounce ideas off of. Thomas would be a great asset to any team!"
Karl Stanton
Director of Engineering, Full Stack Engineer, Technical Leadership, Team Building, Distributed Team Management, Googler
November 1, 2010, Thomas worked with Karl in the same group
"Thomas is a born leader. I worked with Thomas on the Kontain project through 09/10, and always admired his leadership and ability to work well under pressure. Thomas is a talented and well rounded developer, with intricate knowledge of the systems in which he is working and defining. I have had the opportunity to witness Thomas' excellent project management abilities and always relied on his thorough details in his execution. I highly recommend Thomas for any team lucky enough to have him on boa..."
Matteo Ridolfi
CloudOps engineer
October 31, 2010, Matteo reported directly to Thomas
"Thomas represented for me a great manager and point of contact during my years at Fi. He's always been a very structured and driven person, with a clear and secure view of the team goals. It's been a pleasure and a knowledge growth to work with him as he's always been open and very prepared when it came to discuss new technologies and implementations, issues and operations."
Fredrik Suter
UX Design Lead & Co-Founder at Common Ground
October 31, 2010, Fredrik managed Thomas directly
"Thomas has a unique combination of cutting edge knowledge in business, technology, professionalism and communication skills. He is a natural leader that effortlessly drives and guides teams towards the business goals of the client without losing the main objective. Always balanced and with excellent communication skills making him a key person in any professional situation. His deep knowledge and curiosity in the computer science field ensures that the deliveries always are at the forefront of t..."
Bryan Pedersen
Chief Innovation Officer at MSLGROUP
August 19, 2010, Thomas worked with Bryan in the same group
"Thomas is an exceptional talent that combines in-depth technical knowledge with business savvy and strong client-facing abilities. This rare combination allows him to quickly traverse different situations, solve problems and address new opportunities from a holistic standpoint. He has huge respect from his team and always leads by example. Put simply, I can't think of a better person to build a technology organization with."
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